Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nature Notes: Memosa

In my previous post Plant Something Fun For Your Kids, I introduced this wild flowers, the name is Memosa, well known as “touch me not”. This is that kind of wild flowers you can easily find in the nature, not really pretty, but the leaves can close up when you touch it, it is fun, and it brings back all my old memory of being a kid, the happy childhood time.You will know a lot of other nature lovers at Rambling Woods.


ramblingwoods said...

Hello Paula...This post made me think back to some of the fun things we did as children when we stayed in our grandparents' cabin in the woods. I wonder who many children today get to have happy interactions with nature... Thank you for posting to Nature Notes, I appreciate it.. Michelle

moosh said...

I think it is rather an intresting plant. I like it.