Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fruit Trees at SengKang River Walk Park Continued

Some updates for my previous post Fruit Trees At SengKang River Walk Park.
start fruits There are many star fruit trees planted in the park, the pink tiny flowers attracted a lot of bees.
castor apple castor apple
Annona cherimola, the fruit is known as Castor Apple. The tree is a small deciduous or semi-evergreen tree.The fruits are variable in shape, heart shaped, oblong or irregular. The size ranges from 7 centimetres to 12 centimetres. The skin or covering of custard apple is thin but tough, which is usually yellow or brownish when ripe. (As shown on the left). The flavor of the fruit is sweet and agreeable. This is one of my favorite fruits, I found quite a number of Annona Cherimola  fruit trees in the park. lotus banana    lotus banana     
lotus banana Musa rosacea, the common name is Lotus Banana, Origin from Thailand. The most popular plants in this newly opened SengKang River Walk Park, the trees are quite short, with flowers in red and pink, small bunches of banana. Is the banana taste nice? I have not tried before. But definitely those Lotus Banana trees are the best landscaping tree in the park.
lotus banana    lotus banana

guava Guava Tree
Manilkara zapota, known as Chiku, Sapodilla, Small tree with white flowers. Fruit light brown, thin skin. Fruits is sweet and soft when ripe. This is my beloved Chiku fruit tree which I grow it in pot. chiku
There are many more new fruit tree which I don’t know the name, and there are many new planted tree every week. Enjoy my Outdoor Wednesday here and always find something fun in the nature.


Kammy said...

Those pictures are amazing !

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Exotic and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Bergfeld said...

I really love your pictures. You've shown us some fruits I haven't seen before. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Ms. Bake-it said...

What beautiful and exotic pictures! Thank you for sharing!

~ Tracy

Robin said...

What wonderful tropical plants. We grow a lot of exotic fruit here in Israel but those are new to me.

Rambling Woods said...

What interesting looking plants Paula. I don't think they would like to live in my yard in the winter snow. LOL. How lucky that you can have such beauty around you and share it with us... Michelle

chris koh said...

hihi!! I stay in Sengkang but cannot find the guava tree, been to the park several times. Can you let me know where is it? at the Macs side?

Singapoare Plants Lover said...


The guava tree is at the centre of park, is at the higher side of the park, opp of those banana tree.