Sunday, July 12, 2009

Balfour Aralia

14072009(001) I like this plant upright growing with white edged rounded foliage. The common name is Balfour Aralia or Ming Aralia, the botanical name is Polyscias scutellaria 'Balfourii' .
I bought some cut stems of Balfour Aralia one month ago, I used it to do  flowers arrangement, for the last left over stem, I just simply planted it into a small pot. Surprise! It grows some new leaves...I believe it is a good choice for a bonsai forest...I want to grow a
Balfour Aralia bonsai
Follow my blog to see the result in few months later.
Plant Tips:
What causes an Aralia to drop its leaves? This is most often the result of air that is too dry. In fact, the vast majority of problems with aralias are caused by lack of humidity.

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Sammi said...

Cant wait to see the Balfour Aralia bonsai. I really love the Aralia plants and am interested in learning more so I can care for them.