Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plant Something Fun For Your Kids

If you are a plant lover, I am sure you hope your kids have same interest as yours, but it is difficult for some very young kids, for example when you are watering the plants, repotting them…You want your kids to work with you together or at least have interest in watching your work. Especially when they are only about 3 years old, you don’t want them run around the corner and knock off one of your potted plant, right?
So create something for them. Plant something fun for them to play with…
Touch Me Not, Mimosa pudicam Touch Me Not, 含羞草
The plants in the picture look familiar? Yes, this is  Touch Me Not, you can easily find it by the road side in Singapore.
The interesting thing about this plant is the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched, re-opening within minutes.
You can get their seeds from the wild growing plants or just dig a small baby plant from your downstairs after raining, plant them in a small pot. Most of the kids like to play with them, touch their leaves, see them close and open…That is the time you can talk to them while they are playing with this funny plant and your are do some gardening work. That is the best time to build a good relationship with your kids while they are still young.

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How do you get their seeds?