Tuesday, August 14, 2012

D For Dioscorea Sansibarensis

Dioscorea sansibarensis is a species of flowering plant in the yam family known by the common name Zanzibar yam. It is native to tropical Africa, and it is known elsewhere as an introduced species.
This yam grows from a tuber up to 40 centimeters wide. The vine may exceed 7 meters in length and can be 3 centimeters wide. It twines counterclockwise and can reach and grasp supporting trees before it produces its first leaf. The heart-shaped leaves are up to 46 centimeters long by 58 wide. The tip may taper into a tail-like extension. The bulbils are up to 6 centimeters wide and may be purplish in color. -From Wikipedia
This vine type of wild plants can be found at Off Upper Thomson Road, or out side of Singapore botanical garden etc. Although Bulbils of this species are poisonous, but I still like the heart shape leaves and the way they are growing.
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