Friday, July 17, 2009

The Singapore Zoological Garden

Don't think that animals are the only things you will see at the Singapore Zoo. One of my favourite places is The Singapore Zoological Garden where the well-known orang utan Ah Meng was laid to rest, the garden was designed in the French Renaissance style. It is a horticultural display designed to complement and contrast with the rest of the Singapore Zoo gardens. There is a good place for plant lovers is the tropical crops plantation.  There are a wide range of cash crops, vegetables, spices and aquatic plants. This exhibit includes a footpath to facilitate visitor's viewing has more than 50 species of edible plants. Amongst these are the nutmeg, cocoa, chili, Passion fruit vines,  bottle and snake gourds etc. This plantation proves to be an educational place not only for children but also for adults like me who want to learn more about crops and fruits.

Children will be excited to see all these plants...
               passion fruits              coffee tree  
Passion fruits  tree                              Coffee tree
 vegetable   vegetable Vegetables in the garden heliconia Not far from the entrance, there is a beautiful landscape featured yellow, red, orange and pink heliconia.  It is another place for all the plants lover. 

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