Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buah Longlong

It's one kind of fruits that is hardly on sale in Singapore. We call it " Buah Longlong", I have been searching for quite sometime, still can not get its English name.
This is one of my favourite plants, it grows well in any kind of container, though the bigger pot is the best for it to grow. I bought the baby plant from Pasar Malam (local night market), it was about 25 inch height in a plastic pot, after one year, it is growing to 1 meter height, flowering and bearing the fruits.
14072009 The flowers in light yellow colour. The leaves have very fresh of sour smell. It need a lot of sunlight and water, otherwise the leaves turn brown.
14072009(007) The fruits are similar to the green mangoes, the bigger I have seen is about an egg size, it tastes sour but crunchier, I like to eat it when the fruit is unripe the skin in dark green colour. The fruit change to brownish-yellow colour when it is ripe. The seed is very hard and has lots of fibres.


Mel said...

We Chinese like to call it Buah Long long, but it is wrong. I remembered very well because during my Malay class, I use this word Buah Longlong and was corrected by my teacher.

The proper name is Buah Kedondong. The English name is Spondias dulcis.

By the way, I really miss this fruit, especially when I am staying in Canada now.

Unknown said...
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