Sunday, January 4, 2015

Java Tea Cat's Whisker

A fun and exotic-looking plant with its unique flowers in a pagoda like shaped with 5-6 cm long stamens that resembles a cat’s whiskers, hence the name 'cat's whisker' in english, mao xu cao (猫须草) in Chinese. The color of the flowers varies from white to purplish.
Cat's Whisker is an herbal plant that popular grows in Malaysia and Indonesia, It is botanically known as Orthosiphon aristatus and it belongs to the mint family. Other common names of this herb include the following – kidney plant, Indian kidney tea, Java tea, pokok Misai Kucing.
The leaves made into tea, are used for the treatment of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Kidney Disorders, it is believed that the leaves can effectively eliminate kidney stones the herb is used to treat acute and chronic kidney infections, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, frequent urination and bladder stones.

Cat's whiskers thrive in evenly moist soil and can adapt to full sun or partial shade. It is easy to propagate from a cutting stem,  No serious problems with pests or diseases, one of the kinds of easy growing plants.

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