Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chayote 佛手瓜

Chayote, also known as choko or 佛手瓜, I did try to grow Chayote in container but there are no fruits bearing in a year time, it just growing plenty of leaves...I am not sure if it can grow well in Singapore climate. Has anyone grown the chayote before? 

Here’s what Chayote fruit looks like, my friend grow it in her back yard garden in LA. My friend told me that Chayote shoots also known as 龍鬚菜 in Chinese, Just simple stir fry with oil, chopped garlic and seasoning with salt,  Simply yummy!
Too bad I didn't know earlier...Chayote grows as a rambling vine, I was growing my Chayote in container last year, a big pot of chayote with a lot of young shoots growing every day, didn't know it is such a nice vegetable. 

I want to grow again this year for sure... 

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