Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coral vine

Antigonon leptopus, commonly called "Cadena de Amor" (Chain of Love) in Latin America and The Philippines and "Mexican Creeper", ''Coral Vine",  "Honolulu Creeper " and "San Miguelito Vine" elsewhere, also have a name "Tears of the bride". It is a pink flowered vine in the buckwheat family, originally native to Mexico but is now found everywhere in the Tropics.

I often found  this beautiful vines growing communally on a roadside fence,  or outside of some private gardens.  This vine was very common in the Singapore kampungs (villages) of yesteryear. This pretty and attractive climber is always attractive to bees when  they are  in full blooms with many pink flowers. I always wish I could had a garden fence to grow this dreamy sweet pink flowers. I tried to grow it on my corridor but it became a dead plant soon, as this Coral Vine needs a lot of full sun.
Until now, I still don't understand why it got the name "Tears of the bride",  people often say they are the symbols of broken hearts, just because of the heart shaped leaves? Or because of that sweet pink colour has reminded the sweet memories of the bride?


Unknown said...

Lovly photo ,Marit Norway.

Giga said...

Są śliczne i też jestem ciekawa, czemu ktoś je nazwał "łzami panny młodej" :-). Pozdrawiam.

They are beautiful and I'm also curious why someone called it "tears of the bride" :-). Yours.

Reinaldo Viccini said...

Actually I am writing an article. I am collecting small plants because I am trying to start a green curtain with the plant. It is used here in Cucuta (Colombia) as cover for parking lots. Thanks

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Reinaldo Viccini said...

I have just read that bees love this beautiful vine.. That means lots of flowers and juicy fruits near them...