Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nature note: wild mushrooms

The two lovely mushrooms that have appeared in grass lawn downstairs of my house last week.

One side of the big mushroom was a bit dry up already, wondering why they came out of nowhere in such a open field without any shade...Maybe because of the a few days rainfall?
Is it any different from what we bought in super market? :) Do you recognize these juicy lovely white mushroom, just cook them for dinner. :).
...and this two photos are captured somewhere near my office, same kind of open field...
I thought mushrooms are growing on the dead wood in those forest, jungle area? A surprise for me from the nature. More nature note here at  Rambling Woods.


Leora said...

One of them looks like a planet from outer space. Fun to notice something growing right nearby.

Rambling Woods said...

We have had quite a few pop up with all the rain, none look like the white ones in the grocery store though. I do love mushrooms, they are yummy..thank you for posting to Nature Notes....Michelle