Friday, April 1, 2011

Potted pepper

My small potted pepper plants, small but with quite a number of fruits on it. I was growing them from seeds, which I bought the yellow peppers from super market, I kept the seeds and actually I was not planning to grow them, just throw them somewhere in one of my potted plant.

Growing peppers in containers in Singapore HDB house? I was thinking that is a joke, but I did it.It took about 2 months to harvest, :) That is fun to see them growing from seeds we leftover after cooking, especially if you grow them together with kids...

It is not that difficult to grow peppers in container, It is important to keep them in a sunny place. They need full sun. Move pots around if necessary to keep them in as much sun as possible.

They love fertilizer too. You can buy those ready package from florists or garden nursery, but do remember to check out the content on the package outside, choose those nutrients that are beneficial for peppers include calcium, sulfur, and magnesium. Do NOT choose those fertilizer have too much nitrogen, otherwise you will end up with beautiful plants but no fruit.

Here are some of my tips of growing this beautiful vegetable:
1.  Plant them in a pot that is at least 8 inches deep and 12 inches in diameter, too small container have no room for the roots to grow.
2. I added egg shell to the soil.
3. Use well-drained soil, keep the plants uniformly moist (but not water-logged) during the peak growing season.
4. Regularly check for sticky "dew" on the underside of leaves caused by aphids. They can be easily eliminated by spraying the underside of leaves with a mild soapy solution. I never use any other chemical sprays.
Well, if my tips do work for you, let me know. I like to hear from you and if you do enjoy gardening, I would like to share more tips with all the plants lovers.
Cheers! Try your own container garden today.


Anonymous said...

I'm new at gardening.I planted quite a number of bell pepper seeds into a normal size pot. There are now 4 plants growing. There are white specs on the underside of the leaves and the leaves are also curling. What's wrong? How often should I water them? Any advice?

Anonymous said...

do u crush the egg shell to mix together with the soil?