Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Red canna flowers

Do you guess it right? My last week post about this,
actually it is a close up part of Canna flower as below.

Cannas are tropical and subtropical flowering plants with large, banana like leaves and gladiolus-like flowers. They are one of the popular flowers you can find here in Singapore, mostly planted for landscape decoration. They are also called “Canna lily”, although not a true lily. Canna flowers come in many colors, yellow, pink, orange, two tone color and much more, but no green, black, blue, at least I didn’t see it from anywhere.
My potted Yellow Canna flower is flowering from time to time, the most easy growing among those flowering plants.
  You can grow Canna flowers by seed, or by rhizomes.
Slow down your rushing time, you will easily find this beautiful flowers just anywhere when last time you pass by them and may not notice their beauty.
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Don Wood said...

Beautifull flowers I love the last picture XXX Don

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Mel_Cole said...

I remember those kind coz my father grew them in his backyard garden too.

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Sandra Burns said...

I love Cannas, but mine are all orange. . . no reds.

Merry Christmas!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

my canna has red leaves, they have grown wild because I am too lazy to weed them.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 cannas (2 purple variants and 1 yellow). The purple ones are my latest and they are doing fabulously as they flower and sprout new shoots at will within weeks from purchasing them. My yellow one was bought a year ago and had repaid me many times with its lovely blooms :)

hamborja said...

Hi.Any body who can share some canna. I am having a hard time finding where to buy one here in Singapore.