Friday, October 22, 2010

Look at the sky, I found this tree

Friday sky and tree
Look at the sky, I found this tree

********************PS, updated on 27 Dec 2011**************************
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Finally after some research, I got the name of this plant. This tree with hanging garlands of pretty pink fluffy flowers is Barringtonia racemosa  (common name :Putat sungei ), a small tree in the family Lecythidaceae.)
The flowers look like Powder-puff flowers, petals in pale pink with white edge,  pom-pom shape, in a long hanging spike...Some said the young leaves can be eaten, some said this tree is poison...Not sure whom to believe, as the article of this plants is very limited.  I saw some of leaves eaten by insect, should be tasty.:)

Fruit egg-shaped with four faint grooves, green or flushed reddish.

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