Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ABC Wednesday-N for narcissus

Time for ABC Wednesday again, my “N” is for the flowers-
Narcissus N (and)I think of My blog friend-ANN

She wrote the comment for my “Narcissus” last year:
I just thought of another story. You guys in Singapore think of many things.   
One of my cleaners Ah L. when I first arrived in Singapore, she likes to grow these bulbs during Chinese New year. It is supposedly: It will grow very well if your luck is good, and vice versa. Every year she grows these bulbs in water, the bulds don't grow.

Me, a Christian originally from sarawak have never heard this. I ask her, why you bother to grow when you know it won't grow. My friend K. always is successful. My cleaner Ah L. says," of course, you people are professor's wives, I am just a cleaner."

I don't grow them either, in case my bulbs don't grow. I must ask my friends what they are called.

Ann’s story reflect the thinking of a lot of people around me, they really believe certain plants can bring good luck, certain plants can bring bad  luck, and people who are in bad luck they are sure can not do a good gardening job…One of aunty told me before, if lady at Menstrual period touch the Pomegranate, the leaves will drop and the plant will soon die…What does it mean, ladies are bad luck during the Menstrual period? It is soooooooooooo funny and weird. Yet still so many Singaporean believe in those funny story…

For me, gardening is my hobby, and I believe if a person really take care of those plants (they will learn to take care even they don’t know), those plants sure will return you with beautiful leaves, flowers or fruits. The feeling is happy, and when a person is happy, I believe good luck sure will follow.

Happy gardening, love the nature love our earth.

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Roger Owen Green said...

The name Narcissus always reminds of the vain character in Greek myth. But it IS a beautiful flower.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team