Monday, August 16, 2010

Today's Flowers: Black Eyes Daisy

Today’s flowers-daisy.

Black eyed daisy is called black eyed Susan too,  a flowering plant in the composite family. Chrysanthemums belong to the same family too. There are many flowers that make up the composite family, such as marigolds, sunflowers and zinnias etc. It started Out as Wild Flowers, but many people grow them in the garden. The bright yellow color is always so cheerful.

This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. It requires a lot of direct sunlight, basically it is not suitable to be planted in container to display at our corridor. Many Singaporean like me, stay in HDB houses, so corridor is our “garden”. :)
In plants of the composite family, like the daisy below, each flower head is a composite of many small flowers surrounded by a cuplike cluster of modified leaves called bracts. This is where the name composite comes from. But we normal know them as the "Daisy Family".

From a distance, the flower head resembles a single large flower. A daisy, for example, has an outer ring of long, yellow ray flowers that look like individual petals, and the center of many tightly packed, tube-shaped disk flowers. A thistle head has only disk flowers, and all the flowers of a dandelion head are ray-like.
This is the Marco shot of the daisy, if you like Marco shot, visit Lisa’s blog here:

and more cheerful yellow here:
Wish you have a wonderful week ahead.


michael said...

I didn't know that the petals on Asteraceae or Compositae were actually brachts.Thanks for the information. Lovely photos, BTW.

Kala said...

Beautifully composed images!

Julie said...

Terrific evocation of yellow here. THe macro shot is just terrific. Thank you for posting these today.

Hootin Anni said...

Wow...all these images are just breathtaking!

My Marigold

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

the 4th, macro of the inner flower, is so beautiful.

Do you have your own garden?

Singapoare Plants Lover said...

Hi Ann,
No, I don't have my own garden, I stay at HDB here, but I have 100 over potted plants at home, big and small, they are displayed at corridor, living room by the window, long as I can find a space. There are a lot in my office too...Crazy right? Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

They're all great shots, but I especially like the last 2 shots!

Channal said...

Beautiful shots. Lovely yellow flowers! / Anna

Jama said...

These are so gorgeous!

fini said...

It's perfect! Those yellow daisies are stunning!!

Chesney said...

Pure joy...I love the bright colors, it screams I am alive!