Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ABC Wednesday-F For Fern

 ABC Wednesday, my letter F is fern, some picture of my collection of fern.

The picture on the left is Maidenhair fern, the right one is Bird’s Nest Fern.

Maidenhair ferns, Scientific Name is Adiantum pedatum. They are very delicate and require good wind protection to grow nicely. They are deciduous in colder climates, naturally grown in wet tropics, where it can be found in moist open sites along riverbanks. This fern is very difficult to care for, especially in Singapore,  not just decent shade and well-drained soil needed, they require more attention and care than other ferns, I have tried many many time to grow this in door, somehow, this lovely green just turn brown for no reasons. A big challenge for me to grow Maidenhair fern. But the bird’s nest fern is much easier to grow, and always they grow too fast too big to keep as a houseplant. :)


Boston fern and fish tail fern are my favorite foliage plants, they are quite popular as a house plant in Singapore, a beautiful hanging basket with lovely, frilly leaves and long hanging fronds is a wonderful addition to the home. They add elegant charm and classic beauty unlike any other houseplant available. Again, they are growing pretty fast, I am always troubled how to get rid of them when they almost become weed.

The Boston fern is closely related to the Johor fern, which is growing wild in Malaysia and Singapore. I believe it was found in Johor so the name was named. Is that so?

The fishtail is the picture on the right, the edge of these beautiful green leaves just like fish tail. They grow beautifully in humid locations that receive plenty of indirect sunlight, so I place them by the side of window, and always spray water on the leaves in the morning. My fishtail fern potted plants has been followed me for 6 years…

The two potted fern from my friend, they are my birthday gift last month. I think they are Victoria fern.

…and this, I was told is a kind of fern too. I saw them in botanic garden, white hairy look, what is its name?
…and the last two photos on the right are Crown Stag Horn, or Stag’s Horn Fern, you can find everywhere in Singapore, as long as you like to look up to those big tree, you can see them dancing in the wind.
Well, “Fern” talk end here, I feel sleep already, Thank you for visiting my blog, and I wish all of you enjoy the plants, enjoy the nature.


Vinay Leo R. said...

lovely photographs for a Green F post.. :)

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photowannabe said...

There sure are alot of varieties of ferns. I think they are quite lovely. Nice post.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I love ferns! Such lovely captures and such a great word for the F Day! Enjoy your week!


Roger Owen Green said...

Fine fern fotos, er, photos.

On behalf of ABC Wednesday team, thank you! - ROG

Leslie: said...

Ferns are beautiful in the forest, but there's one in my garden I'd like to get rid of.

Kay L. Davies said...

Interesting information about ferns. Thank you. I've always liked them but have never had much luck with them. I once had a big Boston fern, so big that I bought a piano to put it on, but my cats got into it and killed the fern, so I was stuck with a piano that wouldn't play properly. Now I have ferns in my yard, growing when it rains and dying off when the sun gets too hot. I will water them when I think of it, but mostly they are left on their own, poor things.

Gigi Ann said...

What a variety of Ferns for F day. Great post.

Verna Luga said...

they're healthy ones... I love them they are less sensitive ..

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Jama said...

The one at the Botanical Garden are so easy to grow, no soil needed. Don't even need to water them, they absorbed moisture from air! My mom have them, she just hang them on a hanger and they just grew bigger.

Wendy said...

Beautiful blog and all the furry ferns, lovely :)

Wanda said...

I have always loved ferns...Yours look so green and healthy.

Unknown said...

I do love ferns! Beautiful photography. Lovely post.
Best wishes,

Anna's abcWed-F-words

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it can't possibly be.

Anonymous said...

That 'fern' you were talking about is not a fern. Its called Tillandsia usenoides. An air plant