Friday, October 9, 2009

Buah kedongdong

Hog Plum
Some update for my previous  post Buah Longlong, I have been searching for this plants name for quite some time. Now I know actually this is Spondias cytherea, belongs to Anacardiaceae family, the common name is : Golden Apple, Great Hog Plum, Buah Kedongdong.

Buah Kedondong is Malay words, the fruits make good "rojak", a fruit salad with soy sauce, paste and "otak udang"/prawn paste. We seldom find it is sold in any store now in Singapore. In Malaysia, Some coffee shops sell it as a beverage punch with sour plum, sweetened and served with ice. It is really a refreshing drink especially during hot days. I was told the fruits can be pickled too.
Two Buah Kedondong fruits finally harvested from my potted Kedongdong plant after about 3 months. They are so yummy when they are ripe. I used a few unripe fruits to make salad last week, The fruit is about the size of a plum with a pineapple-mango like flavor and crunchy texture. I like the sour taste.
Buah kedongdong  Buah kedongdong

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KT said...

Hi there, I just bought some buah long long from Giant at Parkway Parade.