Friday, September 4, 2009

Think Green Thursday No2-No Fishing Here

17082009(008) Sky watch Friday
Our sky should be blue,
Our grass should be green,
Our place should be clean,
Our ponds should be clear,
Our life will be happier.
Sengkang river side park is a new park with pretty green and a lot of wonderful scenery. This is one of the best jogging places in Singapore. My previous post about Think Green Thursday-protect our environment have talk about this:
Recently I see a lot of rubbish around the ponds, water bottles, plastic bags and others…I feel sad when I see all these rubbish in the park, Singapore is such a clean and lovely country, it need every one of us to protect our environment, isn’t it?
I went there for jogging again last week, I saw more plastic bags, more empty water bottles there…And some adults were fishing there, they left the rubbish such as water bottles by the pond; some kids are feeding the fish but left the plastic bag of bread there…

Now the water is so dirty.I wish every one of us could play a part in protecting our environment. Once again, I want to thank Michelle for bringing Think Green Thursday to us.


Pamela K H said...

Great message, love the photo!

Think Green Thursday Meme said...

Hi Paula... I hope people will go and read your previous post. It's really sad that people won't take the time to pick up some of the trash or even better not drop it in the first place. I am glad that you added this post to Think Green Thursday and I was able to comment easily.... Michelle

Steffi said...

Great photos for a SWF!Really interesting to see!Thank you for sharing!Have a nice weekend!

LV said...

Very nice post for today. All over the world, the same problem exists, no one takes the time to clean up. Thanks for reminding us all we need to do better.