Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tree I don’t know the name

For a plant lover, of course I love to capture all the plants…This is my  Scenic Sunday photograph for this week.
You can find this tree in Singapore Zoo, Singapore botanic garden, the road along South Bridge Road, near the China town food square…I have seen pretty pink flowers blooming on the tree trunk, it grows at the lower part of the tree. Here the flowers is orange colour, photo was taken in Singapore Zoo.
Not sure of the name.


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Anonymous said...

good afternoon to you, this is a cannon ball tree.
It is a South American tree and can grow to 10 to 20 metres tall. It gets it name from the big round fruit which looks like a cannon ball.
Read that long ago, the fort inhabitants in South America ran out/ or nearly ran out of cannon balls. The fort commander then comes up with the idea of painting the fruits black and piling it on the fort so that the enemy in attacking ships can see that the fort has enough ammunition to repulse thier attacks. The enemy finally left.
There is quite a number of this tree at the Pasir Ris Park, cycling path besides the NTUC holiday chalets leading to the loyang river estuary. At this corner of the park you can see ships berthed at a shipyard awaiting repairs.