Thursday, August 13, 2009

Think Green Thursday #01- Protect our environment

Visit a new site Think Green Thursday, the first to come to my mind is the park near my house. I have a few post talking about the lovely park and all the lovely fruits tree in the park. The park is SengKang riverside park, (or Sengkang river walk park) is located at Anchorvale Street in Sengkang housing estate. This is a lovely park with beautiful scenery, especially I like the three ponds there, filled with small fishes, surrounded by running track and greenery…

I always see small kids playing around the ponds, feeding the fish, some of them even try to catch the fish though there is a No Fishing sign nearby. Recently I see a lot of rubbish around the ponds, water bottles, plastic bags and others…I feel sad when I see all these rubbish in the park, Singapore is such a clean and lovely country, it need every one of us to protect our environment, isn’t it?

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