Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cactus table top garden

table-garden-09a This is my cactus garden, special designed for my friend’s online store. I though the artificial mushroom in dark pink color decorated in this cactus garden is suitable for our Ruby Tuesday theme.
But I found something more fantastic, ruby needles.
This cactus, it is so lovely with the red thorn. I saw this in this post, for quite sometime, I really think the color of the soft needles are dyed. I have the similar two cactus, left hand side one with white tiny thorn, the name is Opuntia microdasys v. alba
right side is yellow thorn, the name is Opuntia microdasys monstrosus.
cactus1 cactus2
The tiny thorn are very difficult to remove from skin once you get it. If you accidentally get the thorn into your skin, just rub it on your hair, it is the easier way to remove it from your skin, otherwise you will feel itch whole day. Don’t try to use water wash, it will become worse. Anyway, this is my way to deal with the thorn.
Anyway, thank you Mar, I get to see the lovely cactus. Thank you Mary who hosted Ruby Tuesday, I have the chance to share with you my cactus garden.

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