Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plant some luck for your home

Zamioculcas is known as money plant, . Which is believed by FengShui can bring "LUCK" to people...
I don't really believe there is such things so called "luck", either "FengShui", but I really like this plant. It is one kind of easy growing type of indoor plants. The plant has thick fleshy, shinny and naturally glossy leaves, just like it has been polished. It requires very little water and little care, I have one big pot, it has been growing for many years in my living room, the shinny leaves really give me happy mood, everything will be done smoothly with happy mood, I believe it is so called " luck" and "FengShui".
Actually, Zamioculcas is really very easy to grow, I cut off three stems from the mother plant one month ago and  arranged it in a vase in my toilet, I am so surprised to see it was growing roots.
RIMG0084  RIMG0083

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