Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coral Vine

  I don't know what this is really called, I was told it is Pink Coral Vine, The flowers are brilliantly pink with golden stamen and pollen. I call it "chain of love", It will grow over everything and anything and can be difficult to keep in check as it spreads like crazy. Isn't it very like so called "love",  grow over everything and anythingdifficult to keep in check , spreads like crazy ...
It almost died at one time, all the leaves turn brown and dropping, I almost wanted to throw away. For some sweet memory it has been given to me, I love the bright pink flowers on this vine, I love all the butterflies fly around the creeping vine, I love the happy mood when I saw the pink flowers on the hear-shaped green leaves, it is enough to lift my spirits on a hot summer day. For all these reasons, I cut off all the dying brunches and leaves, and leave the pot in a sunny places. It was surprised me that the new leaves pop right out and grow more and more, now it is flowering again.

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