Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bottle Tree

 A bottle tree which is located in between Kyushu and Hattie MRT
A typical “bottle tree” has attracting shapes that are lovely to see. One of the most common species of the bottle tree is ‘Branchy Rupestris’ belongs to the “Malacca” family like the other bottle trees. It is also known commonly as the ‘narrow leaf bottle tree’.
The fantastic swollen trunk of the Bottle Tree is used for water storage and can reach 2 in diameter - its remarkable appearance gives rise to its name.
One of the hardiest plants around, this succulent, drought-deciduous tree is tolerant of a range of various soils and temperatures. The leaves are variable from narrow and elliptic to deeply divided. I have read article this bottle tree and was told they have clusters of yellowy bell shaped flowers in Oct-DEC are followed by woody boat-shaped fruits.
People and animals have used the seeds, roots, stems, and bark for food. The fibrous inner bark can also be used to make twine or rope and even woven together to make fishing nets.

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