Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chikoo Tree

My friend said she is a Chikoo Lover, me too.
I'm rather chuffed this morning as I discovered that the two fruits on my Chikoo tree have grown so big! I was told it can't be bearing any fruits as I planted it in just a normal clay pot and placed in the HDB corridor...
The sweet fruits called Chikoo, it is sweet like a pear, round shape and soft like a kiwi. But actually the English name is Sapodilla.
This is a tropical plant and needs tropical conditions (warmth all year round, although it doesn't need much humidity). It also gets pretty big, I have seen it grows as a 5 meters height tree. I grow it as a houseplant although it will never grow big enough to get more flowers and fruits but it's still a nice evergreen tree and it is interesting to grow for talking point, it is a great bonsai too in a container as shrub size.

My first Chikoo plant came from a seed that I bought the fruit from supermarket, you can really grow the most interesting of plants for free - it is true, but up to now there is still no fruits bearing since I planted it 6 years ago. I bought this 2nd Chikoo plant from a florist at $25 in a plastic pot, I transplanted it into a big clay pot, just after a few months, I enjoy to see the flowers and fruits growing every day.

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